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Billing and Invoicing

We bill quarterly, first quarter is for  January, February and March, second quarter is for April, May and June, third quarter is for July, August and September and 4th quarter is for October, November and December.

(We also pay quarterly for our servers to run your website and your weekly newsletter.)

Anyone that is cancelling has to cancel BEFORE the quarter billing. We offer no refunds during the quarter cycle as we also do not get a refund or any money pro-rated.

(FOR EXAMPLE: if you cancel after January 1, you will still be charged for complete billing cycle, January, February and March)

Your account would close April 1, in that scenario.


Any Cancellation would have to be made in writing, phone calls are exempt.

(805) 500-3088


Billing System

You will be set up on our billing system with your own personal account. We take credit cards but prefer checks. We do not accept cash. We charge .04% on all credit card charges. You can log into your own system and set up for mail in payment or make a credit card payment. Remember this is your account and it does NOT TAKE RECURRING PAYMENTS. So every billing quarter you need to log in and pay with credit card or make mail in check. It’s a very simplistic process; we do not have access to your account to do this for you.

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